We operate metal regeneration facilities around the world,
collecting and processing recyclable metals from
hundreds of local and regional suppliers.

Our leading position is established through an
uncompromising commitment to safety, customer service,
loyalty of our suppliers and the expertise our
extraordinary operating team.

Our mission is to operate the best-in-class facilities.  Our
commitment to employees is to create a zero-harm
workplace, while being exemplary community members
and responsible stewards of the environment.
We pride ourselves on being the industry benchmark for safety:

  • Through training and engagement with both employees,
    customers and service providers,

  • By applying rigorous standards and procedures prior to any

  • By being proactive towards safety policy.

We believe all injuries are preventable and that we have not just a
business but moral obligation to ensure the well being of our
employees, customers, service providers and visitors.  We believe in
and promote "Goal Zero" when it comes to safety.
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> Products
Through our own processing facilities, we produce a variety
of standardized recycled metal products:
Berry - Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire, not
smaller than No. 16 B & S wire gauge.

Barley - Miscellaneous, unalloyed copper scrap having
a nominal 96% copper content.

Candy - Clean, unalloyed, uncoated copper clippings,
punchings, bus bars, commutators segments, free of
burnt wire.

Honey - Mixed yellow brass solids, including brass
castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and
miscellaneous yellow brasses, including plated brass.

Tabor - Clean old alloy aluminum sheet of two or more

6063 - Baled aluminium 6063 alloy.

Tense - clean aluminum castings which may contain
auto and air plane casting, free of iron, brass, dirt and
other non-metallic items.

UBC - Baled aluminium beverage cans free of any
We are fortunate to have  the trusts of some of the biggest metal
companies as our loyal customers: the 3 largest copper producers in
Korea and Japan,  the largest aluminum producers in Korea, the
largest copper cable producer in China, and the largest stainless
steel producer in Korea.
> A trusted brand name
> Facilities
    Sampaguita (Jasminum Sambac),
    is the national flower of the
> Facilities

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